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COVID-19 and

We hope that you and your loved ones are continuing to stay safe during these challenging times.  We know that as educators, you are working in unprecedented conditions, trying to maintain a standard of education with significantly altered resources and expectations. As an independent association comprised of 26 volunteer teachers, we also know all too well the situation you are in.

The confirmed second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, demands that the EYS Reading Association change its course to match the needs of our intended Reading for the Love of It (RFTLOI) participants … delegates, speakers and exhibitors.

We can no longer host the in-person 2021 conference. The greatest thing about our conference is that it has a wonderful in-person vibe to it.  It does not just offer professional development (PD).  The Reading for the Love of It conference is an experience!

Transitioning to a virtual 2021 conference would be the next logical step. However, we are cognizant that teachers are under immense pressure, and feeling enormous stress since schools opened over the last month. We don’t want to be “one more thing on your to-do list.” Subsequently, it has been decided to cancel the 2021 conference altogether. This is a devastating decision for our organization that has run the Reading for the Love of It conference for 44 consecutive years.

The East York-Scarborough Reading Association wants to continue being valuable to you in the least disruptive way possible during the 2020-2021 school year. It is with a revised vision for a 2021 PD offering, but also in keeping with our mission as below, that we will reach back out to you with alternative learning opportunities.

The East York-Scarborough Reading Association & Reading for the Love of It

“We are committed to improving the quality of literacy instruction, and encouraging the development of a lifelong interest in reading.”

The EYS Reading Association promises to return to our in-person Reading for the Love of It conference in 2022 … bigger and better than ever!

In the meantime, stay well, stay safe and stay tuned for more details.